So here you have it: a long wanted new interior for my 544. Comes from Sweden and is still made new for several classic cars. It wasn't easy to install. You need much time and patience. But it's worth every penny and every hour!



I ordered a memory expansion from Go4Retro. This device has 8MB flash space. Enough to store all games ever published for the VIC-20. I flashed an image with most games and some utilities, available on the maker's website. This image of about 4MB took 3 hours to flash. Of course this is done on the VIC itself. You can use sjload to speed up it a bit.

The expansion allows you to flash your own "cartridges" and customize it completely.


The PSU of my VIC-20 died and so I had to find a new one. As my VIC has a two-prong connector this is more hard to find. Searching the internet I came across this forum-thread on Denial. It says that a two-prong PSU is nothing more than a transformer with a fuse. All logic is inside the VIC. It tells you can even use a simple AC/DC adapter with an output of somewhere between 9 and 12V, 3A.

So I cut the two-prong cable from the old PSU and soldered it to the output lead of a 12V 2A AC/DC adapter and the result is perfect.


Over the years I have acquired a lot of Commodore machines. As I get older and older I asked myself what to do with them. My children and grandchildren are not interested in these old machines. So I decided to sell a lot of them and only keep a few. Those that I want to keep for the time being are:

  • A4000D with Cyberstorm II 060, Cybergraphics 64/3D and X-surf 100
  • A1000 with A1060 Sidecar
  • A600 with Vampire V2
  • A500 (my original first Amiga ever)
  • VIC-20
  • Commodore C-128D with RAM expansion

I sold already my A3000D, one A600 and several C-64 and Commodore 264 series machines as well as my complete CDTV-setup. I have an A2000 with GVP 030 accelerator/SCSI, Picasso II and 2286 Bridgeboard and an A500plus still for sale.