I decided to remove the Terrible Fire from my Amiga 1000 because I couldn't boot it to Workbench 1.3 and use its 4MB RAM. So I moved the ACA500+ that was connected to my A500 to the A1000. I put it in a Amiga 1010 diskdrive housing to get a nice look. I will show you in a later post how I secured the ACA500+ inside.

I made several partitions on a Compact Flash Card. One partition is dedicated to Workbench 1.3 (built in the ACA500+) and another one to Workbench 3.2 which I flashloaded on the ACA500+. I set the bootpriority of the 1.3 partition (CDH2:) one number higher than the 3.2 partition (CDH0:). So when you start the Amiga and choose Profile #2 in the ACA500+ menu you boot straight into WB 1.3. See the video on how to boot to WB 3.2 after that.


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