I am  back from a wonderful trip to Greece. Evvia and Kea were the visited islands. Of course we used our T3 to get there.

You can see a full report here. Dutch only!

Last two months we have been travelling through Spain and Portugal. We had a good time despite of the weather being not always nice.
We had some difficulties with the van but managed to get home without delay.
A short report of this trip can be found here. (Dutch only).

We packed the van and will be leaving within the hour for Greece. We will be travelling via Switzerland and Italy. In Bari we'll take a ferry to Patras Pelopponesos. From there we will see where to go next.
Homebound we will travel all over the Balkans.


The van has been in the mechanics workshop. It turned out that the CV-joint on the gearbox side was worn out. It has been replaced and all is well again. And I have one spare!